The Kemsing Sour

Written by Suzie // July 6, 2020

Having the title the ‘Dockers Spirit Cocktail and Recipe Creator’ does, at times, bring about a certain level of anxiety. Like any modern woman, I like to think I know my gin and I know my cocktails. But drinking cocktails and creating cocktails are not always the same thing! Rest assured, then, that I have made it my business to know my cocktails. What can I say? Its the teacher in me. You want me to teach ‘Macbeth’? ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’? Then I need to read it. But I don’t just need to read it; I need to live it. It comes as no great surprise, then, that my daughter wants a kitten she can call Catticus Finch, and I want a puppy I can call Scout…

In the pursuit of happiness, or cocktail equilibrium, I did my research. What I found was that the basics of cocktail perfection are all about balance. Sweet needs to be balanced with sour. Strong (as in alcohol content) needs to be balanced against weak (the non-alcoholic components). The suggestion is that any cocktail aficionado should start with making their own lemonade. Ok. I have one issue with that. I cannot stand lemonade. (Don’t judge: years and years of Panda Pops…)

Diving into cocktail creation, of course, I looked to the classics for inspiration. If you’re a regular, you’ll have seen my thoughts on the Martini. I also am very aware that not everyone has my purist attitude and, occasionally, people need a little sweetness and fruitiness. Never ever get me started on the Pornstar Martini. It should never, ever be classed as a Martini… In my next post, I’m going to talk about my other favourite classic, the Negroni. A good friend once said to me that I should only ever drink a Negroni, because its bitter, like me. Says it all really.

Anyway, I am here to give you a range of drink options so, this evening, I’m going with a classic, kind-of, accessible flavour combination. This one is a good mix of citrus flavours, sugar and good, old-fashioned booze! I am also aware, you regular readers, will know that my drinks really should come with a health warning. Follow my measurements and you cannot drive. Have three, and you cannot walk.

I give to you the Kemsing Sour. With this, I had to find a balance of sweet and sour, whilst still attempting to balance and utilise the botanicals within the gin. Trial and error also dictated that I had to find a combination that was drinkable and visually appealing.

At this point, I need you to know that there is definitely has to be, without doubt, a process of trial and error. The first version didn’t have anything but clear spirits, lemon juice and egg white. Without anything to give it colour it, well, looked like bodily fluids of a certain persuasion. Urgh. Hmm, I thought, what can I add to give colour? Grenadine! That lovely red sticky sweet substance… ah yes, if only I’d grabbed that bottle! Did you know, chilli sambucca is the same colour? I make these mistakes so you don’t have to!

Anyway, neither Grenadine nor Chilli Sambucca were working!

Trial and error give you, as I see it, the perfect sour!

You will need:

60ml Kemsin gin

30ml lemon juice

30ml freshly squeezed orange juice

15-20ml Triple Sec

Splash (or to taste) sugar syrup

1 egg white (trust me)

Disclaimer: Pregnant women should not drink egg whites, although it should be said that if you’re prepared to drink that amount of booze while preggers, the eggs are the least of your worries!

Ok, you know me well: start by sticking your chosen glass in the freezer. In this case, I used a coupe, or champagne saucer, but its your drink: just make sure your glass is chilled.

Crack an egg and separate the white and yolk so that the white is in your cocktail shaker. I would recommend giving it a bit of a beating in your shaker with a whisk if you can here to give it a head start.

Add all of the other ingredients, set a timer and shake like there’s no tomorrow. I find that setting a kitchen timer for 30 seconds, adding some great tunes and shaking that booty (and your shaker) works beautifully here. At this point you SHOULD NOT have added ice. This is called a dry shake and is essential for the emulsification of the egg white (it brings the jelly-like egg white and the other liquids together and makes it frothy). Add ice, set your timer and shake again! Currently, I find Beyonce, Little Mix, Leonard Cohen all work with this.

Now, this is quite important: double strain into your chilled glass using a mini strainer. You escape all the egginess and just get a wonderfully creamy, frothy drink. Garnish with a slice of clementine and lemon and enjoy!

I thoroughly enjoyed working through a huge range of options for this drink and I really think that you, too, should grab a bottle of Kemsing, some juice (sweet and sour) and keep trying until you find the taste that is right for you. After all, practice makes perfect!

As always, take some photos and tag your creations with @kemsingginuk and @gin_girl_sunderland