The Dockers Spirit Cocktail and Recipe Creator

Written by Suzie // May 11, 2020

Introductions! Hello! My name is Suzie, and I am really proud to have the title ‘The Dockers Spirit Cocktail and Recipe Creator’. Isn’t that just the best job title in the world? I’m really excited to be working with Kemsing Gin and River HD Vodka to bring you a range of drinks and recipes that will help you to get the best out of these amazing spirits.

So, a little bit about me and how I got here…

Primarily, I am a gin lover. I also love to cook and create cocktails at home.

When I think about my cocktail journey, there are many miles under my belt! From the Pina Coladas and Pink Kangaroos (Google it) from my late teens, through the Black Russians, White Russians, inappropriately named cocktails of my twenties, through the more sophisticated Sex and the City-led Cosmopolitans of my thirties; I certainly feel like I’ve come of age and earned my stripes. Although I like to think I can still keep up with the youth of today, let’s face it, if I’m needed to be out in a bar after 9pm where I can’t find a seat and my feet hurt after 10 minutes, I’m just not interested. I have to admit sometimes, I’d far rather be curled up on the sofa with my pyjamas on and Killing Eve or Game of Thrones on TV. At times like these, why shouldn’t I enjoy something akin to one of the delightful (but, let’s face it, often overpriced) creations being offered up in a busy, loud city centre bars?


For me, cocktails should be whimsical, fun, simple enough, but with just the right amount of sophistication that you can impress your friends when they come round for dinner. What this? I just knocked it up with what I had in the fridge…

I like to think that, with a straight-forward recipe and good ingredients, anyone should be able to recreate cocktails and good food in their own home. I once chose to make Pornstar Martinis (not for me, I’m a Martini girl!) for a girls’ weekend away mountain climbing. If I can serve a decent drink at the top of the Old Man of Coniston, I’m a firm believer that you can make a good drink anywhere! (Disclaimer: if you do choose to make a similar and somewhat foolish decision, don’t pick the hottest day of the year, make sure you have enough water and are not left at the end of the day with nothing other than prosecco to drink, still with at least three miles to walk….)

Armed with my trusty but somewhat kitsch pineapple shaker (I have great friends who know exactly what I need in my life) and just a few simple ingredients, I’ve created a range fabulous cocktails that can be made easily at home using (for the most part) what you already have in your store cupboard, but that will still impress the most cynical and discerning cocktail afficionado!

All of the cocktails aim to showcase, initially, the beautiful Kemsing Gin to its greatest advantage. I’ve worked with the sweet orange and the bay leaf botanicals separately to give a range of sweet and savoury cocktails than can be made easily at home but will match any high-end cocktail bar!

Over the coming weeks and months look out for cocktail recipes, sweet treats, and tips on how to improve your home bartending skills!

Are we ready for some drinks?