Ladies Who (Lockdown) Lunch

Written by Suzie // May 13, 2020

At time of writing, the country was in an entire state of lockdown. I hope, as we move forward, there will come a time when we can just call this cocktail Ladies Who Lunch.

I’ve not met anyone, yet, who doesn’t love a good afternoon tea. There are so many different variations out there at the moment, there really is something for everyone! At the time of writing, however, going for Afternoon Tea is a long distant memory, so I started thinking about how I could recreate a sense of celebration with my bottle of Kemsing Gin, and a few ingredients I had at home. It also helped that I have a son keen to complete his skills section for his Duke of Edinburgh award, so he was tasked with baking a few scones – for photography purposes, honest!

So, this one, really, is an adaptation of a Bucks Fizz but whether you want to heat it up, or slow it down, the addition of the gin really does make a difference – just make sure you add a disclaimer so dear old Aunty Muriel doesn’t end up tiddly on such a superbly quaffable drink!

You will need:

35ml Kemsing Gin

50ml freshly squeezed orange juice (although juice from a carton would work just as well)

50ml Cava or Prosecco (I have to be honest, I didn’t measure mine, I just filled up my glass)

Raspberries to garnish.

This is a really simple one – no fancy equipment needed at all!

First of all, chill a champagne flute (again, use your freezer if you can, or crushed ice if not). You can then assemble your drink in the glass. Of course, if you are catering for a large number of people, then increase the quantities of the gin and orange juice, pour into glasses and then top up with your fizz when ready!

Add your gin to the glass – I really would stick to the recommended measure. These are far too easy to drink and things could get very messy if you make the gin measurements too large!

Squeeze your orange juice and add to the glass. You can strain if you don’t like the pulp that comes with freshly squeezed juice, or if you’re the one who also has to do the washing up!

Top up with your fizz, garnish with a couple of raspberries, and that really is it!

(Special thanks to my teenage son who was bribed to make the scones for our afternoon tea!)