Delivery is provided by  DHL Parcels (UK Mail) in the mainland and Ireland and by DHL Express for all worldwide deliveries. Postage amounts are set by DHL (or the courier that we use) and can not be changed nor negotiated. Once your order leaves our warehouse facility it is in the care of DHL and will be delivered by them, we have no control over the delivery structure, timings nor the routing of DHL vehicles, you will be given a tracking number which you may use to track your parcel. All communication must be with DHL first before contacting us. You may wish to purchase insurance to cover your item – if you do, please contact with your order number, post code and means of payment ready and we can arrange postage insurance. Returns will be organised through DHL and the costs will be recovered by the customer (you) for the returned items. Please contact for an RMA number for returns.

For worldwide deliveries, you will be expected to pay any inbound customs taxes that are appropriate to your countries laws. You must contact your local DHL office to verify inbound/landing fees and duty payments and you may be asked to pay this BEFORE receiving your items – please check the DHL website for guidance.