Dockers Spirit Company

In 1882 King George V established what would later become the London Docks – situated on the peninsula of the Isle of Dogs stood the commercial gateway to the world. Warehouses stood aloft like cathedrals, housing some of the greatest produce the world had to offer. It was here that men and women worked tirelessly for centuries, unloading the ships and barges as they brought trade in and sent it out.

In the early 1900s, Joe Cowell, a crane operator, was working his shift, unloading the barges with a delicate hand. Man and machine entwined, handling some of the most expensive commodities the country had ever seen. Joe’s instinct for the perfect angle, the perfect swing and the gentlest drop earned him the name ‘gentle Joe’.

The Docks are no longer with us, but their legacy lives on in the spirit of the drinks that we produce.

We welcome you to the Dockers Spirit Company – Charge Your Glass – Your Adventure Awaits!

Company Background

The Dockers Spirit Company was established in 2018. Eventually, we aim to open our own distillery in Sevenoaks, West Kent. Our ambition is to create a “Ground-to-Glass” production that works closely with Kent and British farmers and food producers.

Spirits are the core of what we do, we plan to bring a distillery to this part of Kent to compliment the long and rich local history and to bring a sense of adventure to the world of spirits and liqueurs. Taste your way through the British countryside and explore what this amazingly vibrant country has to offer and see why we strive to create premium spirits with a British heart.

Dockers Spirit